Friday, June 20, 2008

Up to Our Eyeballs in Elves

There's been a bit of musing on elves in the past few days. Noisms isn't a big fan of the pointy-eared buggers:

But! I've been doing some thinking. It seems unfair to dismiss the race if I'm not prepared to do my bit to make them interesting. I like Elves in Birthright and Dark Sun, after all; maybe all I need is a fresh perspective.

Reading his comments over at, I was tempted to track down the "101 Days of Rules Cyclopedia" thread that included a new, more "elfy" list of spells for elves. However, David did one better by reproducing the entire list over at The RPG Corner. Following that, he gives us spell lists for his Rules Cyclopedia conversions of some Uresian classes.

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