Sunday, June 22, 2008

The One-sentence NPC Contest

The Chatty DM loves him some contests. He's teamed up with Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips, for his latest contest:

How do you enter? Quite simple!

You need to write a One Sentence NPC, generally based on the tips provided in Johnn’s latest edition of the e-zine: Use 3 traits, include a contradiction, Make it generic but interesting.

Every NPC you submit is another chance to win, so you can play early and often with this one. And the prizes are quite sweet, including Hero Lab software, adventures, and a Senior Patron Open Design account for one of Wolfgang Baur's adventure design projects.

The contest looks like fun, but even if you decide to not enter, you should swing by anyway to check out the NPC design tip it's based on.

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ChattyDM said...

You sir are a gentleman and a pal!


It's shaping up to be great...

Plus your entries are also great!