Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dr. Rotwang Rocks Harkwood

GURPS products are famous for being extremely useful even to people who don't play GURPS. The simple factual details in their sourcebooks, the inspiration supplied by their supplements, and the broad range of topics they tackle mean it's an odd GM who doesn't have at least one of their books tucked on the games shelf for occasional reference.

Dr. Rotwang recently scored GURPS Fantasy Harkwood during a trip to the used bookstore, and he's very happy with the purchase. Harkwood is a typical GURPS product in that it tackles multiple jobs at once, and handles them all well:

Now...not only is this supplement impressive by virtue of putting so much information into a comfortable 64 pages, it pulls a second duty that's not as obvious: it's a hellaciously good template for creating, detailing and totally messing up your own fantasy kingdoms. I'm two whole chapters in and already thinking, I need to something like this for my stuff.

As Dr. Rotwang points out, this one is available still as a PDF over at e23.


ChattyDM said...

I have like 30 Gurps books sleeping in a bankers box in the basement. They have been there since 2001... I should have a look at them and maybe put them on Ebay or something.

Agreed that they are among the best RPG ressources

Natalie said...

Yeah, GURPS books are awesome. I've unch of neat ideas for other syhad an on-again, off-again love affair with the system, and even when I don't play it much I've still got a bunch of neat ideas for other systems.

It's kind of too bad that they've moved to hardcovers only for 4th Edition. When I'm actually playing the system, I like them, because they cover their area with depth and crunchiness, but the softcovers were nice for stuff like GURPS Illuminati where you didn't need a lot of system detail. Easier to justify picking up for another game.

trollsmyth said...

I believe they've got PDF versions of most of their hardbacks at e23. I'm not sure how the prices compare to the old paperbacks, though.