Thursday, June 12, 2008

Houserules for the BFRPG

Turloigh of has posted some houserules for a game of BFRPG:

Aside from "streamlining" the rules, the main goals are to have more flexible character creation, stronger “newbie protection” at lower levels, and bringing fighters and mages on more equal footing (at least up to level 10; I don’t think we’ll be playing as long as that).

There's some neat stuff in there, based in part on True20 and the Star Wars: Saga Edition. With lots of folks talking about building their own systems or knocking out houserules for new campaigns, I thought there might be some interest in what other folks are doing.

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Sham aka Dave said...

Thanks for the link to Turloigh's post. I copied that post for future reference and ideas, even though I don't understand half of it.

I found the wound/hit points bit interesting, and very close to my VIT/FHP rules.

I also liked that bit about Fighter damage, although the bonus is too steep for my taste.

Keep up the awesome linking, Brian.