Friday, June 27, 2008

Sean K. Reynolds Joins Paizo

Via Geek Related comes word that Paizo is continuing their conquest of the gaming universe by adding Sean K. Reynolds to their stable:

I'm very enthused. Great people at Paizo, working on great books, and it's my favorite version of D&D. :)

My history with certain Paizo people goes WAY back.
Erik Mona was one of my TSR Online volunteers way back in the AOL days.
Lisa Stevens picked me for Team Greyhawk, my first full-time designer gig.
James Jacobs and F. Wesley Schneider have been my editors and sounding boards for various Dragon, Dungeon, and Pathfinder projects.
Mike McArtor, whose vacancy I'm filling* was one of my TSRO guys, too, and when he applied at Paizo I told him to list me as a reference (hopefully it helped!). And like James and Wes, he's been great to work with.

But it's not like the industry is incestuous or anything. ;) Seriously, sounds like another great move on Paizo's part, and another reason to expect great things from them.

And after you've done reading up on Mr. Reynolds, check out this very cool Czech miniatures company he linked to.

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