Sunday, June 15, 2008

Goodies and Tools for 4e

Via the At Will blog comes word of a nice collection of useful tools for 4e, gathered by the Propagandroid of The Gamer Dome:

I’ve run across some really great accessories and play aids for during my internet journeys and I figured, “I’ve got a blog, why not share them with my readers?” Revolutionary thinking, I know. I’ve already used some of these in games, and I especially enjoyed the crib sheet, which really helps new players (all of us!) figure out what they can do on their turn.

Sample power cardPower Cards - Complete Set: These things are swwww-eet. They’re pretty, and functional, and cover every PC power in the 4e PHB! Megaprops to Ander00 over at EN World for these. EN World post

Kiznit’s 4e Character Sheet: It’s pretty good now, but I’d keep checking back as he’s going to add a third page with blank power cards. Of course, you won’t need those if you keep reading. Direct Link (several pdf version links in the post)

And that's just the first two. There's more gold in them thar hills, including other versions of character sheets, initiative and effects trackers, and other helpful aids.

These are the sorts of things I would think WotC's D&D page should be highlighting. Still, it's good to see the community really charging ahead with these sorts of tools.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Brian, thanks for the link! I notice you talk a lot about old-school gaming, so I'll be visiting often since I'm planning a 1e AD&D game sometime later in the year!


trollsmyth said...

Thanks, Prop. You're going to be running a 1e game as well? Between building 3d models of terrain for your 4e game and keeping up the blog, where do you find all the time?!?

If I may be permitted to toot my own horn a moment, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this houserule for using shields, and it should fit into 1e without much difficulty. I'll be watching your blog for more on your game.

- Brian