Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Conversations with Raven

I'm not a huge fan of Gamer Zer0, but the show does let you put faces and voices to the names in the 4e books. One of those names I was curious about was Raven, an artist with a handful of pieces scattered through each of the three core books. Raven's work tends to be a bit more moody and atmospheric than most, with a slightly brooding air, tres appropriate, considering his name. That I remember his name says something, because he's one of very few artists in the three core books whom I can name off the top of my head, and I'd never heard of him before this.

I can say "his" now that I've seen him in this Gamer Zer0 video. When I was flipping through the core books, I somehow arrived at the notion that he was a she. He is, in fact, very much a he, and he clearly acquires his fashion tips from klingons. Gotta love that mustache.

(I should also point out that he did the not-so-great art of the gnome in the MM. I'm not going to hold that against him; everyone but WAR and Wood have their worst work in the MM.)

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Jack Badelaire said...

I think this might be the same guy who did the artwork for Ron Edwards' "Sorcerer" RPG and the "Sorcerer & Sword" supplement. Not bad art, per se, just a little unusual. I think he is a little more suited to that kinda of game art than D&D (although I really did dig the 4E PHB art piece of the heroes fighting the horned skeletons. I thought that was pretty badass).