Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amagi Goodness

The Gamebits of Amagi Games continues to fill up with all sorts of gamey goodness. Mr. Kornelsen has two new additions. Strain is a mechanic for handling character transformation. It's less about leveling-up and the like, and more about lateral moves:

The swordmaster, hand hacked off, apprentices himself to a Magus. The princess, having shunned the court, takes up archery, and begins to lose her polished manner in exchange for lethal skill.

I can see some use for this sort of thing in my Moldvay/Cook/LL hack, but I'd rather just let these sorts of things arise organically out of play.

However, I adore games with lots of complex scheming and machinations going on in the background. Keeping all those plots running requires levels of organization that I'm rarely up to. So Long Knives is great for me. Not only has Mr. Kornelsen detailed a quick and easy way to record and access information on the political maneuverings within a campaign, he's also included a fillable, saveable PDF form to help out! I haven't had a chance to really play with it yet, but it looks perfect for my needs.

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