Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun with Random 4e Encounters

Deacon Blues brings the fun of random to 4e:

Anyone with a copy of the new DMG and MM can play along.

How It Works: Take the first letter of the last word in the post above you (not counting signatures). Translate that letter into a number; A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4; etc. That's the level of your encounter.

Now, take the last letter of the last word in the post above you (again, not counting sigs). This determines the scenario of the encounter, per the following chart:

A,B,C,D,E :: Battlefield Control
F,G,H,I,J :: Commander and Troops
K,L,M,N,O :: Dragon's Den
P,Q,R,S,T :: Double Line
U,V,W,X,Y,Z :: Wolf Pack

So you've got an encounter level and a scenario. Pick some monsters from the MM and design an encounter!

Don't forget to include some flavor text and tactical advice at the end.

What follows is numerous examples as people play along from home.

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gamefiend said...

well, since I appear to be first...

I'll take home, which gives me HE to work with.

8th level Battlefield Control
"The Iron Priest"

Haegus the Blooded,deathpriest of orcus (Level 9 Controller)
6 Iron Cobras (level 6 skirmishers)

Haegus is a prominent ritualist with the cult of Orcus. He is also a raging coward, and will travel nowhere without his cadre of iron cobras.

In combat, the deathpriest will stay at the rear of the battle with two cobras (one on each side within guard AOE) assisting the frontline Cobras with ray of black fire. If someone closes with the priest, he will use the dark blessing to aid his cobras and retreat backwards. The frontline Cobras will attack targets in pairs. One will attempt to poison mind the target, while the other bites, alternating as needed. The priest will direct the Cobras to try and attack any ranged threats first.