Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pramas Plays 4e

I've noticed a lot of continued interest in my post back from March in which I discussed Mr. Pramas' first impressions of 4e. He's still playing with the game, and has noticed a pattern in people's reactions to it:

Some interest things emerge when we break this down. Of the three that really like it, one is a rules junky, one is primarily a minis gamer, and one is a MMO player who had roleplayed for the first time with 3.5.

Of the three that hated it, one is a 1E grognard, one is a 3E fan who just doesn't understand why so much had to change, and one is a hardcore roleplayer (though she does also like to kick some ass; see my previous post).

In the neutral group was one brand new roleplayer and two people who hadn't played in a decade or more. My GMing experience so far has done nothing to dispel my feeling that these rules are not friendly to casual gamers.

Of course, we should always keep in mind that the plural of "anecdote" ain't "data". And we don't know what other factors, like Mr. Pramas' DMing style, might be skewing the outcome one way or the other. Still, it's interesting stuff.

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