Sunday, May 04, 2008

Review of Labyrinth Lord

Andrew Montgomery has posted a short, positive review of Labyrinth Lord, the retro-clone of Moldvay/Cook D&D, the set that got me started in the game.

Author Dan Proctor clearly envisioned LL as way for people to legally write and sell OD&D materials. LL operates under its own OGL, and allow people to do so. I think he felt this was a way to generate more interest and material for an old, beloved game, a way to keep it alive. No, no one is going to make any real money by doing this, but they might earn some minor compensation for their efforts, and for some even just making a few cents per download might make the difference between posting their old scenarios or keeping them in the shoe box under the bed. At its heart, this—more than anything else—is what LL is all about. Its an effort to get people to write new material for OD&D.

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Jack Badelaire said...

Which just goes to show that as long as there are people out there actively playing and producing material for a game system, it's never really "dead" or "obsolete".

I've got a copy of LL kicking around somewhere - good stuff.

trollsmyth said...

My next campaign, the one I did the sacrificial system for, will probably be based on LL, simply because it's cheaper than PDF scans of the Moldvay and Cook books.

- Brian