Friday, May 30, 2008

Penny-Arcade & PVP vs. The Keep on the Shadowfell

Yep, Scott of PvP and Mike and Jerry have played some 4e. But they got to play it months ago, with Chris Perkins and Andy Collins, and they recorded the sessions:

We spent an entire Wednesday playing 4th edition. Chris Perkins and Andy Collins came down from Wizards to be our official DMs and run us through “Keep on the Shadowfell.” The whole time, four microphones were recording our every word, die roll, hit and misses (there were a lot of misses). Mike and I sketched as we played and didn’t get one stern look from behind the game screen for it. This experience was a double honor for me, because it was Mike’s first time playing Dungeons and Dragons EVER. I was there for his very first roll of the D20. It was a very proud moment and it’s all captured on Mp3. If you’ve never played D&D before, these podcasts can give you a good idea of how quickly and easily you can get into the fun. If you’re a veteran to the game, like Jerry, the podcasts will give you your first sneak peek into the new game mechanics.

The first chunk is available as an mp3 for your delectation now on the WotC site. But snag it now before it, too, vanishes in a mysterious cloud of pixel-dust.

UPDATE: I just finished listening to this, and it's a nice little introduction on how to play the game. It helps that the guys are entertaining to listen to and know very little about how to play the game.

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