Friday, May 09, 2008

Microlite20 Fundraiser

Greywulf is attempting to raise money to purchase better hosting for Microlite20:

The server that has been the home for Microlite20, my zenified version of D&D, is spending more time down than up right now, to the point where it’s overdue time to jump ship.

In order to do that, I’d like to call on the help of all the folks out there who love and play Microlite20. I’ve selected MochaHost as the new home for Microlite20, and that’s going to cost around $90 for 2 years, including domain. For that we get 300Gb/month bandwidth, 10Gb storage and more pre-installable toys than you can shake a stick at.

I think it’s time for Microlite20 to pay it’s way in the world, so if you’d like to see the Macropedia up, all the time, want your name in lights and have the eternal thanks and gratitude of the Microlite20 community, Make a Donation. How much you donate is entirely up to you - a dollar or two will go a long way - but bear in mind that the quicker we reach $90, the faster I’ll be able to get M20 up and running on a shiny new home. And more cash means even more shiny!!!!

In return, along with all the thanks and adoration, I’ll send all contributors a username & password so they can host their own blogs, story hours and house rules up there. There’ll be a forum too with free registration for all, and maybe even a PDF store.


Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

He's up to $60 already... $30 to go!