Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Review and Response for XXXI

James Maliszewski has posted a review of XXXI. "Uh, say what?"

One of my main complaints about XXXI is its title, which makes it hard to know just what it's about. As it turns out, the book is a description of the Imperial Town of Tell Qa, which is a complete setting for urban adventures, as well as a springboard for lots of other excitement and intrigue. The center of the book contains a nice map of Tell Qa done in the style of the old JG modules, right down to most buildings being regularly shaped and streets laid out in a grid-like pattern.

"Oh, ok, I see." The review is primarily positive. However, it's spawned this response from James Mishler, president of Adventure Games Publishing. Both are worth checking out if you're interested in either retro gaming or the business end of the hobby.

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