Friday, May 09, 2008

Random Esoteric Critters of the Flame Princess

Last Wednesday, Jeff Rients gave us a link to Lamentations of the Flame Princess, a publisher of old school gaming goodness. They appear to have but a single product in their inventory so far: The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Roleplaying Games and their Modern Simulacra.

Yeah, try saying that three times fast.

Anyway, has posted a review of TRECGfCFRGatMS (That's not much better, is it?) by Jason Vey. Mr. Vey likes it and finds it "
useful, not just for the oldest edition of Our Favorite Game, but for pretty much any kind of fantasy, horror, or esoteric sci-fi game you'd like, of almost any system out there." He does, however, ding it a few points for presentation (which he admits is probably hampered by a lack of resources) and the author's somewhat foaming-at-the-mouth ranting against more successful game publishers in the introduction.


JimLotFP said...

A correction: Jason Vey wrote the review for, and James Raggi (that's me!) wrote the Creature Generator itself.

Thanks for the plug. :)

trollsmyth said...


And that's not the first time I've made that mistake, misreading's standard format. You'd think I'd have learned by now.


And you're welcome. I look forward to seeing what you come out with next.

- Brian