Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More (Kinda) on D&D Insider

Bill Slavicsek's latest Ampersand column is about the future of D&D Insider. There's not much there, except to say that what we've seen should not be taken as representative:

What you’ve seen since the announcement has been just the tip of the iceberg. The magazine content has been geared toward teasing and previewing the upcoming edition. When the new edition arrives, everything changes. The magazines take on all the depth and crunch we’ve been promising, and the cycle of D&D 4th Edition really kicks into high gear. It’s a cycle of analog products complemented by digital offerings that, in turn, influence organized play and are reflected in a vibrant community that provides feedback and suggestions—that leads to the next analog product, and the ongoing cycle of 4th Edition.

The article is a bit business-speaky but it is nice to know there will be a rigorous support for .pdf in the online offerings.


Jeff Rients said...

"Everything we've put out has been optimized to maximally excite you about 4e. If that didn't work, buy it anyway!"

trollsmyth said...

Hey, you! I had orange juice in my mouth when I read that. ;D

*goes to grab a towel*

- Brian