Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ain't It Cool News Goes Tabletop

After posting a two-part review of 4e back during the playtest stage, Massawyrm of AICN announces the launch of a tabletop section for the bright orange Mecca of nerd news. In its first installment, he starts with a discussion of Magnificent Egos Miniatures. Magnificent Egos is the sort of company that should warm the heart of grognards everywhere, as they have chosen to forgo the pre-painted plastics that everyone else seems to be embracing, and is sticking with raw pewter. And their range of odd pieces is bound to have something that appeals to everyone. Some have a dungeon-punk look while others will be right at home beside your favorite Ral Parthas. Some are just drop-dead gorgeous while others are just plain bizarre. Some of my favorites skirt the line between cool and disturbing. They also have a range of magical effects, like walls of ice or gripping hands. They carry those nifty Kobolds Ate My Baby miniatures Jeff Rients linked to a while back. I have no idea what the scale any of these are; I'm guessing they're close to the "heroic" 28 mm scale that seems popular these days, but that's just a guess.

After waxing enthusiastic about the minis, Massawyrm then reviews the final release of 4e's core books. Those of you who read his preview from playtesting will not be surprised to hear he's got a generally favorable opinion of the final product. He does mention that the trap design rules from the playtesting docs didn't make it into the final hardback of the DMG which is a shame. If they'd been something really special, they might have convinced me to buy that book even if I never intended to play 4e.


Anonymous said...

They are in fact the standard 28mm heroic.

Thanks for the linkage - oh, and there were 3 articles. ;)

trollsmyth said...

Thanks for the linkage - oh, and there were 3 articles. ;)

D'oh! Now I have to go back and make sure I read them all.

Give Harry our best wishes on a quick recovery. :)

- Brian