Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Campaign Add-Ins at Advanced Gaming & Theory

Ripper X's blog is debuting a new regular feature called the Campaign Add-In. These are tiny little snippets, locales and such, that can easily be added to your campaign. They are, in a sense, the very essence of the word "module":

Each Add-In will have a brief introduction, a map with a key, details on specific NPCs, and a few short scenarios that might give you some ideas on how to use it. The maps will be old-school, simple Black & White affairs, I do this because it is cheaper for you to print them, and I wish to avoid using odd symbols that might need explaining, else lead to confusion; They won't be overly complicated mega-maps, but I do offer a money-back guarantee if you aren't 100% satisfied! (They are free, my lawyer suggests that I state that the guarantee does not cover the price of paper or ink)

The very first one is entitled "The Hairy Clam Tavern".

Um, yeah, maybe you shouldn't read this one at work...

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