Monday, May 12, 2008

To Crush Your Enemies, to See Them Driven Before You, and to Revel in the Crimson Glory that is PROJECT X!

Swimming against the grognard tide, Sham has posted an introduction to his Project X at the Grog 'n Blog:

While I recently embraced a change in philosophy in Solstice with a more abstract treatment of melee, I’ve been working on an as yet to be named treatment of combat. This treatment, dubbed Project X for now, will be a gory, gritty approach to melee. Once designed, if my players decide that they prefer this type of detailed swordplay, it can be incorporated easily into OD&D campaigns.

He then goes on to outline the different factors and inspirations he plans to incorporate into his system. That sort of thing isn't really for me and my players, but I've played with folks who would love something like this, and I'll bet he comes up with a number of neat ideas more than suitable for swiping, er, I mean, borrowing.


Sham aka Dave said...

With a link title like that, I've got my work cut out for me! Thanks for the link. As you know, I'll be borrowing your shields idea for this. My challenge is to make the system feel simple and smooth enough for grizzled out Grogs like myself, and to include lots of subtle, underlying nuances...oh and blood. Can't forget the blood and things like victims tripping in their own entrails.


Sham aka Dave said...

I'd also like to see some more of your own house rule ideas for your Moldvay B/X Hack, stuff along the lines of Shields Shall Be Splintered. If I can make this simple and present it as a plug-in style combat option I'd be satisfied.


trollsmyth said...

Thanks! Yeah, I plan to post most of my hacks here. I'm a bit slowed down now because I'm polishing up the shields bit for Fight On!, but I've got notes on a gnome and not-a-thief-but-kinda classes, as well as the combat system, and some vague, fuzzy ideas about what I want to do with magic-user and elf magic.

- Brian