Monday, May 05, 2008

Chatty's 10 Word Contest Update - Date With a Kobold

You have until Tuesday, May 6th, at noon (that's tomorrow as I post this) to enter the Chatty DM's 10 Word Adventure Concept contest. To further entice you, he's added more prizes, specifically, issues of Kobold Quarterly, so no lallygagging!

UPDATE: Ok, maybe a little lallygagging. Just long enough to read Chatty's review of the Evil DM's The World of Broadsword:

However, the true added value of the book (and testament to Jeff’s skills) comes from the Gazeteer section of the book. There, following an old school, color hex map of the proposed game world, Jeff created a series of 15 one page entries for its major regions.

What makes it so interesting is that Jeff used an actual corporate planning tool called SWOT analysis (Short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to flesh out key regions of the world.

Thus after a short description paragraph, each given regions gets fleshed out in terms of where it shines (Strength), how it can be exploited (Weaknesses), Adventure Hooks (Opportunities) and things that can befall it (Threats) catching PCs in the middle of it. I’ve rarely seen a settings write-up provide so many plot ideas and adventure hooks in so little space.


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