Friday, May 02, 2008

Trapped in a Hoary Web(page)

Michael Sigler at Dragon Ave has posted video proof that foamy rants aren't just for trolls! Ok, it's not that bad, but he's got no love for WotC's D&D web page. After getting a lot of feedback on his presentation, he decided he'd rather put-up rather than shut-up, and posted what he would do to make it better.

Frankly, it ain't no contest. Even if you think issues like gutters, shadows, and font-choice don't matter to you (and they do, they're just subtle enough that you might not be aware of it), it's clear that Mr. Sigler's version is cleaner, easier to navigate, and far more gentle on the eye.

Myself, I gave up trying to find what I wanted on their web page quite some time ago. If I want to find out what's new and exciting at WotC, I find links to it at ENWorld and I certainly hope WotC has plans to overhaul the web page for the release of 4th edition and the official launch of D&D Insider.

(Via ENWorld.)

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