Friday, May 02, 2008

It's a Ferrari. Or Maybe a Duesenberg? No, Wait, a DeLorean!

Dr. Rotwang's posted a review of Hollow Earth Expedition: Secrets of the Surface World:

I like the equipment section, because --

-- okay. Let's talk about the equipment section for a bit. The equipment section is pretty long. It describes everything, all the weapons and vehicles and gadgets and stuff, and it does so in the style of a catalog. You can look at this two ways: You can roll your eyes at an over-long equipstuff chapter and say, "come ON! Pad the book out a bit more, WILL YOU!?", or you can look it over and go, "Cool! If my bad guys are Japanese, they fly these planes...and they carry this type pistol! Oh, and this boat has a neat description I can use to help my players visualize it!" I respond to it the second way. Could you have guessed?


Eric said...

I really dig this game, I picked up the core book a few days ago.

Dr-Rotwang said...

Fond of that equipstuff chapter, Trollsmyth?

trollsmyth said...

I love detailed equipment lists. Even if the items are mechanically similar, if they carry with them cultural significance, I'm happy.

"No, wait, he can't be an agent of the Jade Dragon. They'd never use a C96 Mauser..."

Dropping "hints" like that to my players, and having them pick up on them, is a real joy.

Unfortunately, on my budget, it'll be a few moons before I'll get to bring that book home.

- Brian