Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Un-Chatty Contest

The Chatty DM is holding a contest:

Here’s the assignment, write an adventure concept (any genre) in exactly 10 words and post it in the comments. Believe me, I sent in two entries to the PA contest and it’s hard to do.

Let’s make this a contest shall we? I’m opening it up for 1 full week starting on Noon EST of April 29th until the same time next week (May 6th). You enter by posting your entry in the comments here.

The best one will get a choice of a D&D mini Dungeon of Dread booster or an equivalent value Gift Certificate from DrivethruRPG.


ChattyDM said...

Thanks for all the recent link love!

I'm adding trollsmyth to my extended blogroll! Enjoy the Technorati level up!

trollsmyth said...

My pleasure! Good luck with the contest.

Enjoy the Technorati level up!