Friday, April 04, 2008

Busted Confession

Shelly Mazzanoble, being the lucky sort she is, has gotten to play around with the Character Visualizer at WotC. The Character Visualizer is a tool that lets you create a computer portrait of your D&D character. You can then use this portrait to create a virtual miniature for use on their digital tabletop, or just use it as a snapshot so people can see what your character actually looks like.

It's not yet ready for prime time, and the final results will probably look like refugees from Second Life, so I doubt Storn is in any danger of being replaced by a robot any time soon. Still, I'll bet it's a lot of fun to play with, and I suspect the Evil DM will have a hard time, er, resisting certain temptations:

New DM clicks on the female human, and we both snap backward and gasp like grandmas at a Snoop Dog concert. "Nice . . . orbs," I say.

"This is the alpha version, don't forget," he says. "Soon we'll have a bust slider. That way, men will be able to depict the female characters they want, and women will be able to depict the female characters they want."

"This girl needs a visit to Dr. 90210 before she does a face-plant onto your keyboard."

New DM turns every shade on the top row in a Crayola 64-pack, and honestly, I'm also uncomfortable with him seeing human Tabitha like this.

"They're fake," I tell New DM. "You know that, right?"

"Whatever you say," he says. "Can we move on?

Yeah, I'm seeing like entire months of Wednesday babes coming out of this.* ;D

*I tease, of course. The Evil DM clearly prefers his Wednesday beauties to be flesh-and-blood. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. It looks a bit too much like Sims without the game to me, but it's getting there.

I'll stick to creating my characters in Poser for now, methinks :)

trollsmyth said...

Browsing through your "Greywulf's Lair", I can see why. Very nice stuff.