Monday, April 28, 2008

Broadsword Musings

The Chatty DM keeps his promise to his Evil brother and reviews Broadsword:

First, I’m not the target audience for that game. I don’t usually play a pick-up RPG game. On casual evenings, I’ll usually reach for a board game or play console games with my buddies.

However, for a simple game that can be learned in 5 minutes (15 if you create characters) and whose GM can whip an adventure almost instantly, it truly delivers on its promise.

I had a lot of the same reaction, and Mr. Ménard has delved deeper into the rules than I have, so if you want the real scoop on this game, check out his review. I could see real possibilities for a game like this for whipping out a quick few hours of monster-mashing, thew-flexing, sword-swinging fun, something along the lines of the classic Kobolds Ate My Baby.

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