Monday, April 28, 2008

More Hearsay on the GSL

But what the heck, rumormonging is fun, right?

David Kenzer of Kenzer & Co. has this juicy rumor to share:

I heard that the reason it was delayed was that the new CEO came in and said "You're doing WHAT??" And he's basically rescinded all their "open source" ideas. It's been a battle back and forth and the ;lawyers don't have any firm direction. So there may not be a 4e OGL after all.

In short, James Maliszewski should hold off on that order of crow just yet. He may still be proven prescient.

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James Maliszewski said...

There are elements of the Kenzer story that we know aren't true. For example, no one paid $5000, so there's no need for a refund. At the same time, I think it very likely that someone within WotC, whether it be the new boss or even members of the "new old" guard, aren't behind the concept of Open Gaming and would just as soon see it die quietly. And, at this stage, honestly, WotC has probably wasted more money and goodwill than they'd ever have lost either by making 4e open under the OGL or simply closing it. Were I them, I'd just toss in the towel at this point and either open it up as they did with 3e or close it completely. This Kabuki they've had going on since at least January, if not before, isn't serving anyone's interests.