Saturday, April 21, 2007

Paizo's Goblins

So now there's a Pathfinder blog. The second entry is all about goblins. These goblins are a touch... odd. There's an obvious cute-and-sinister vibe going here that reminds me a bit of "Nightmare Before Christmas". And this song is way too trolly:

The Goblin Song

Goblins chew and goblins bite,
Goblins cut and goblins fight,
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!

Goblins race and goblins jump,
Goblins slash and goblins bump,
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!

Chase the baby, catch the pup,
Bonk the head to shut it up!
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We the goblins—you the food!

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