Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wayne's Worlds

And another dry spell comes to an end.

Wayne Reynolds is, in many people’s eyes, the Man when it comes to fantasy gaming art right now. He’s recently updated his web page and reorganized it a bit to take better advantage of his latest projects. While many will decry his embrace of the “dungeon punk” style, his attention to atmosphere and personal details really is second to none right now. And his trademark “wall o’ action” style really embraces the feel of many mainstream RPGs today.

Be sure to check out the updates to his Eberron work, Gallery 2. I know I’m tweaking some of his fans by saying so, but ClawsotTiger_02 (closet tiger?) certainly cements his place as one of the best furry artists in the business. His ability to seamlessly integrate the dramatic with the realistic with the absurd (as he does so well with Paizo’s goblins), really sets him apart from most of the rest of his field.

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