Saturday, April 07, 2007

Vogel Reviews the Magic Item Compendium

Over at Kill the Wizard First, Mr. Vogel's given us a very brief review of D&D 3.5's latest official book out of Wizards:

D&D 3.5’s recent Magic Item Compendium is a useful book, mostly for compiling and updating the six hojillion magic items and weapon/armor properties, as well as introducing a bunch of new ones, with the primary aim of making utility magic more accessible, particularly to lower-level characters. I have a few balance complaints, particularly weapons that land a no-save dimensional anchor on hit for a +1 equivalent bonus. But overall, good book.

What follows is an interesting comment on the trend of D&D towards MMOG conventions. Can't say I'm really comfortable with that, but I also can't say I'm really surprised, either.

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