Monday, April 02, 2007

Record of Lodoss War: the RPG

While browsing the True20 forums, I came across this. It's a PDF of a Record of Lodoss War RPG done for the Fuzion system. I've only glanced through it briefly, but it seems surprisingly complete. However, a few things don't look quite right to me. I think the elves, for instance, don't get a large enough boost to their dexterity. The elves in the OVA, at least, seemed to have kung-fu levels of agility and speed, dancing from treebranch to treebranch, parrying arrows and thrown daggers, and just generally being so fast that few mortal men could ever hope to even touch one in combat.

I've toyed a few times with this idea, having races with a default statistic in the superheroic range. Balance, of course, becomes a serious issue. If elves are super fast, dwarves are super tough, and orks are super strong, why would anyone play a human? Still, it's a fun idea to kick around.

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