Friday, April 20, 2007

Gungir Comics and D&D Stuff

From Joseph Rossow (I think) comes a new gaming and art blog, Gungir Comics. The author is also an artist, and has included origional sketches and drawings with most of his entries. But unlike most artist blogs, almost all the original art is there to support original gaming content. He has a D&D adventure posted, and some character concept sketches.

My favorite part, however, is "
The Magical Shop of Fiddeus Crackpot":

When adventurers stop at Crackpot’s Shop, they are often in need of specific things. A wizard browses for a scroll of Detect Invisibility, a rogue looks for a pair of Slippers of Spiderclimbing, but never in Crackpot’s shop do they find quite what they are looking for.

What follows is a description of four non-standard magical items that might, or might not, work like your players expect them too. Much fun!

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