Saturday, April 07, 2007

The IRS Wants Your Phat Lewtz!

"Dude, I'm sorry, but if I go on one more raid, it'll bump me into a higher tax bracket..."

(By way of Instapundit.)


Lea said...

Is this for real? I heard some people talking about it on the radio the other day but I couldnt hear reference to an actual article or official statement.

Its insane. o_O They should tax kids that play monopoly too. Damn them and their leet Park Ave.

trollsmyth said...

Yes, well, you can't sell your Monopoly money for real American greenbacks or euros.

I tried my hand at Second Life for a bit. Earned something like $1.50 in a week. Clearly, not something to quit your day job over. But I do know some folks are making a modest living out of selling money and items from the more popular games. The collision between these games and the real world economy is going to be messy when it happens.

- Brian