Monday, June 26, 2006

Weis on Dragonlance Movie

Confirmations continue to roll in. Now that Lawless (and Hickman, truth be told) has spilled the beans, Margaret Weis joins the chorus:

Paramount Studios is making Dragons of Autumn Twilight as a full-length, adult, animated movie. I'll let the movie site provide you with details on the director, screen play writer, animation house, and all that.

The really exciting part of this news is that someone at Paramount has the cojones to try to turn this into a multi-movie deal. Instead of trying to cram the entire trilogy into a single movie, they will instead spread it out over three. And if Weis says it's adult, we don't need to worry about the all-singing, all-dancing Disney-fication of the story. I'm curious what "full length" means in this case. 90 minutes? 140 minutes? Oh-God-make-it-stop-my-eyes-are-bleeding-Lord-of-the-Rings 200+ minutes? Ok, that last is exceptionally unlikely.

I'm also dying to know what the look of the thing is. Dragonlance has been blessed in the past with some of the best artists to be stabled at TSR. Larry Elmore, of course, did the covers for the original books. The modules the books were based on featured cover art by Clyde Caldwell. (I forget who did the interior art for both. Someone want to remind me?) Those are tough acts to follow. It will be very interesting to see who Paramount gets to do character designs and animation for this project.

More news here as it becomes available...

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