Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Catspaw Comic

There’s a new comic on the web. Writer John C. Hocking and RPGnet favorite Storn A. Cook are collaborating on a swords and sorcery piece entitled Catspaw. The two are clearly still finding their voice. The panels seem to leap from one to the next without a strong feeling of continuity, and Hocking’s writing feels a bit constrained by the medium of sequential art. But both are proven talents, and they’re off to a good start. Hocking’s already given us a brief taste of what the world is like. Cook’s attention to the little details and his willingness to create characters who don’t conform to current ideals of beauty draw you into the world. I get the same sort of “what’s behind that corner” feeling as I do from stuff by Wendy Pini and Alan Lee.

Look for weekly updates on this one. Both Mr. Hocking and Mr. Cook are professionals and appear to be treating this project with the same ethic that they would bring to a commissioned job.

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