Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More PDFs from Treasure Tables

Treasure Tables has published a new free PDF. Like the last one, it’s fairly short, and pleasantly to-the-point. (My patience with long, detailed, ten-page articles apparently only extends to Katherine Kerr’s old Dragon articles, and sometimes not even then. So, short is good!)

This one is on using wikis as a GMing tool. I’m not entirely certain I’m sold on the idea. John Arcadian’s overview, honestly, nearly scared me off. Once you start quoting code, my brain threatens to tune out. Unless I’m really interested, I’m not going to wade through even the shortest list of detailed directions. Which is why I would recommend you read the second article, by Amy Vander Vorste, first. While she’s discussing a particular wiki tool, and Mr. Arcadian is giving us a more general overview, I found myself saying, “Cool! That sounds like a very good use of wiki for me!” a lot more often when reading Ms. Vorste’s piece. If I decide to actually build a wiki, I’m certain I’ll be referring to Mr. Arcadian’s, however, for more detailed how-to info. But it will me Ms. Vorste who sold me on the idea.

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