Friday, June 30, 2006

A Dragonlady Speaks

Cindi Rice, one of the executive producers on the Dragonlance movie, recently spoke with Sci Fi Wire about the flick. Among the interesting things mentioned is this comment on the status of their progress:

Rice said that the Dragons movie is in the final stages of preproduction. "We've already recorded 90 percent of the voices, and we'll be finalizing the animatic [animated storyboard] next month," she said.

So clearly we're looking at recording the voices before working on the final animation. And it sounds like things are humming along nicely. We trolls will be keeping our eyes peeled for more cast revelations and, hopefully soon, examples of character designs. However, if they're only going to have the animatic finished in July, we probably will only just be seeing final designs around Christmas.

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