Friday, January 07, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

I’m still not much of a fan of resolutions, but the ones I made in 2010 went so well I’ve decided to do it again. And this time, I’m going to be a bit more specific on some of them. Like…

Even More Love for this Blog
I did this blog a lot of good this past year, but even with that, it didn’t get the attention it deserves. For instance, I only posted roughly once every four days or so. That’s nearly once per week. I can do better than that. My goal for 2011 is at least 150 posts before the end of the year. That won’t be my best (336 in ’08), but I’m going to need to make time for…

I am a Writer, and I Will Finish the Shit that I Started
I don’t talk about this stuff much here, but I’ve had a few projects on the back-burner most of 2010, including a Sword & Sorcery novel that’s damn close to being in good enough shape to shop around (mostly just needs a rewrite on the ending) and a Sword & Planet card game (not CCG) that I hope is also close to being finished.

Life had fun kicking my schedule all over the place in 2010, but it added some great stuff to my resume, including being published in a few of Raggi’s projects as well as the second installment of the Open Game Table. Onward and upward in 2011!

Pester Oddysey Into Running a Game for Me
Pester, pester, pester, pester, pester, pester…

Write More Book Reviews
I love reading, and I don’t do as much as I’d like. Writing reviews makes me delve a bit deeper into the stuff I read and get more out of it. And it’ll help me make my target of blog posts.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I don’t need. Some of it may be gaming related. I’m considering giving it away as prizes or something. More on this when I finally decide what will stay and what will go.


migellito said...

"I am a Writer, and I Will Finish the Shit that I Started"

Amen brother, and how. The last third of a lot of stuff is stuck in my head, but I'll be damned if I can drag it out.

William Pfaff said...

Good for you! My "to do" list is eerily similar. I have had some real success on rpgnow with some pdfs, but I have a TON more in the 50 to 80 percent done range. Time to finish 'em up!

Best of luck and Happy Gaming!
William C. Pfaff
President of Escape Velocity Gaming