Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dirigibles of Tomorrow's War

Or, actually, today's:

“It’s freakishly large,” says a source close to the program. “One of the largest airships produced since World War II.”

The Air Force hopes that the extra size should give it enough fuel and helium to stay aloft for as much as a week at a time at nearly four miles up. (Most blimps float at 3,000 feet or less.) Staying up so high for long is all-but-unprecedented. But it’s only a third of the proposed flight time for a competing Army airship project.

This only makes sense, of course, because we're not currently fighting enemies who can shoot them down. One wonders what sorts of defensive equipment these will get.


Pontifex said...

What a waste of money

Dangerous Brian said...

*Bangs head repeatedly off brick wall*