Thursday, January 06, 2011

2010 Resolutions Review

Time to see how I did.

Hold Fast on Gaming
Um, I kinda succeeded, but only in spite of myself.
The Seventh Sea game ended prematurely, but I did keep poking my nose into new games, most lately Scott’s Huge Ruined Pile game. (Un?)fortunately, I haven’t really had time to play in that game, or many others. Luckily, Scott’s running a pretty open, sandboxy game, so my presence isn’t missed. But I can’t call this a success. Apparently, I can’t quit whenever I want. ;p

Get Fit for GenCon
Much better success on this front. In spite of running around with people 17+ years younger than me most of the time, I had no problems keeping up. I didn’t turn myself into a muscled Adonis, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was not to collapse in exhaustion after climbing a few flights of stairs or bust the buttons off my jeans. A modest amount of weight was lost, and while Indianapolis was uncomfortably humid, I had no trouble keeping up with people, eating what I wanted to eat, or anything like that. More work is needed (Christmas saw some unfortunate but not unexpected weight gain), but even during a recent visit to Manhattan I was able to hold my own against folks in their 20s.

Give This Blog Some Love
New art? Check! Thanks to the talented Ravenconspiracy for my awesome banner.

Wider range of topics? Check!

Get listed on the RPG Bloggers Network? Check!

Looks like I done good here, and I think I can make things better in 2012. But that’s a topic for another post…


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Wait... There's a Hugr Ruined Pile game? What kind of game is it? Do you have to be there, or is it play-by-post? Does it take new people? I'd look at it on his blog, but he doesn't have an archive for some reason, and I have no desire to wear out my mouse button clicking "Older posts"

trollsmyth said...

There is! It's real-time chat via Gtalk, though last I heard he wasn't taking new players.