Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Treasures, Huge Imagination

Don't linger, click over to pick up Taichara's latest gift to the gaming world: a collection of wonderfully described works of art fitting for the richest treasure hoard. They run the gamut from tasteful and understated ("A finger-ring of translucent, deep green jade, carved to resemble a twisting vine of ivy") to the splendorous barbaric ("A sword scabbard of thin wood overlain with the spotted pelt of a great cat, with fittings of granulated gold and the cat's tail hanging freely from the scabbard's lip") to the just plain bizarre ("An ornate reliquary of cedar overlaid with ivory and ebony marquetry; inside, on an undyed velvet cushion, is a skeletal finger tipped with a long curved claw"). Some just make me bop my own head and ask, "Why didn't I think of that?" (I'm most particularly thinking of fabric spun from the feathers of peacocks. Peacocks figured prominently in my last 2e game, and this cloth would be an amazing shimmer of iridescence.)

It's a downloadable .pdf file, so be sure you get it ASAP. The items are completely stat and rule free, so they can be used with just about any RPG you can imagine, from traditional Tolkienesque fantasy to decadent space opera to pulpy archeology-adventure.

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