Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Blogging, and a Preview

Wednesday is going to be extremely busy for me, and I'll likely be tied up with workaday matters until the late evening. Blogging will be light, if it happens at all.

Late Wednesday or early Thursday I'm hoping to post a new character class for my Moldvay/Cook/LL hack based on the information of the Eldest. The witch (tentative name, but the best I've come up with) is kinda-sorta a cleric to the Eldest, combining the roles of herbalist, natural philosopher, midwife, and village wisewoman. I may also post parts of the dungeon I'm using in my Thursday game. (And yes, Oddysey, I will get you those scans of the portions you've explored so far before we play Thursday night. My apologies for being slow on that.)

And after that, hopefully I'll finish my series on mapping Pitsh. With luck, that should take me through the weekend.

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Natalie said...

Sounds cool. And no problem on the maps -- procrastination is the sacred right of the DM.