Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Erol Otus Art Challenge at Fight On!

Just got this from the good folks at Fight On! magazine. Looks like a fun opportunity.

Otherworld Miniatures and Fight On! present the Erol Otus Art

Judged by Erol Otus and shown in the pages of Fight On!

All artists are invited to submit a picture on one of the following

-The Adventure Takes a Surprising Twist
-One Charge Left
- Overland

By Erol's Command, Any Style, Any Media, and Any Freaking Thing Goes!

Winning Entries will be published in Fight On! and awarded
PRIZES in separate Color and B&W categories, as follows:

1st Prize: Up to £ 50 worth of Otherworld's magnificent minis, or a
full year's (four issue) print subscription to Fight On!

2nd Prize: Up to £ 30 worth of Otherworld miniatures, or a half
year's (two issue) print subscription to Fight On!

3rd Prize: Up to £ 20 worth of Otherworld's fantastic figurines, or a
full year's PDF subscription to Fight On!

Honorable Mention: Free PDF of the issue of Fight On! in which
your work is published.

The six 1st-3rd prizewinners will also receive Erol's commentary on
their work, published along with the image in Fight On!
(Winning color images will be covers of upcoming issues.) That's six
top prizes in all, three in each category! You can see Otherworld's
product line at http://www.otherwor , and check out Fight
On! at http://stores. FightOn.

Better yet, all artists submitting retain ownership of their own
work. Fight On! asks only for the right to publish winners in
a future issue of the magazine and for artists not to post their
submitted work on-line in any form (including for sale in other PDF
products) for six months after the conclusion of the contest. They
may re-submit or re-sell to print venues immediately and to on-line
venues six months after the contest's conclusion, and in general
ownership and all rights except the delay in on-line
posting/publication and Fight On!'s right to publish your
image in a future issue of the magazine remain with the artist.

So artists - let's see what you've got! Please send submissions to
iggyumlaut@gmail. com by Sunday, May 3, 2009 to be considered. Thank

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