Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Helium!

At last! A teaser poster for "John Carter of Mars" once called "A Princess of Mars." Not bad. I like the feel of the design the lettering creates. But what's this? Disney is putting their name on this? Hmmm... Before "Pirates" that would have scared me spitless. After pirates... maybe it can work?


E.G.Palmer said...

Pixar is doing the effects. It's supposed to use an approach similar to Avatar, with real actors surrounded by CGI.
I hope it dosn't suck, but of course, I'm afraid they'll round off its politiclly incorrect edges.

trollsmyth said...

It's more than Pixar doing the effects. It's pretty much a Pixar production, with Andrew Stanton once again pulling writer and director duties. I think this is his first time directing live action, so that should be interesting.

If they'd put Pixar's name on it, I'd have been horrified; the only way Disney would have allowed that is if it was a children's animated flick, and that wouldn't be the product that was promised. The Disney name... Well, as I said, before the pirate flicks, I'd have been horrified. But they've shown the Disney name can endure being attached to a (somewhat) adult action-adventure film.