Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fluid Edge - An Invitation to Play

To make magic magical, I've suggested making it dangerous. There are, of course, other options. How about magic that invites you to experiment, to indulge your exploration itch, and rewards you for thinking outside the box?

Taichara delivers again. Not only is this a fun toy for the players to explore, but the DM can also use the blade to express something about the campaign. Is the blade useful? Benevolent? Scary? Eldritch? Do the result reflect a theme? Are they random (I could easily see one of Jeff's random generators being tied to this)? Comedic? There's all sorts of fun to be had with this wonderful magical "weapon".

And here's another cool thing: the "guts", if you will, the actual working mechanics of the weapon, can be ported to any system. 4e, 3e, OD&D, True20, Pendragon, Burning Wheel, GURPS, whatever lights your fire.

Keep your eye on Taichara's Hamsterish Hoard. Lots of neat stuff happening there.

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