Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cellar of the Poyma

At last!

Ok, I'm a bit slow, but I finally got this scanned and posted. Huzzah!

So what you're looking at here is where we left off last time in my Labyrinth Lord hack. This is the cellar beneath the Villa of the Poyma. Green slime, a nest of rats, a torture chamber, and a well-stocked wine cellar. But what's that large room in the NE, beyond the secret door and pit trap? That's where we left off last time:
The room beyond is larger than any you've been in yet. 45' square, with this door in the middle of the western wall. Four massive pillars are in the corners, each fashioned to resemble a twisting riot of snakes surging up towards the ceiling, the snakes crafted from different metals: silver, iron, copper, bronze, and even a few that appear to be gold. The roof is domed and ribbed, and the entire effect gives you the feeling that you are looking into the gullet of a some leviathan.

The walls are painted red with a repeating pattern of tiny gold and green flowers, which only heightens the disturbing sensation of being swallowed. In the middle of the southern wall, you see a massive portal of gleaming red orichalcum. On either side of it are clusters of large pots, six on each side, each large enough to hold you and small friend.

The floor, fashioned from alternating tiles of glossy green and yellow stone, is smeared with blood. It is littered with the detritus of recent combat: the bodies of seven elves, four of which have been stripped naked. Three more naked elves hang from long tendrils of root and earth dangling from the ceiling. These three are alive, but badly bruised and battered, and all three sport smears of mud over ugly-looking claw marks. Two are male, and you think you recognize them from the assault on Uban's temple. The third was their leader, the elven woman with the strawberry-blonde hair.

Hunched in the middle of the room, its back to you, is a massive, bestial figure, a creature apparently of living stone. From here, all you can see is it's stony hide, mossy lower legs, and a rack of gorgeous crystal antlers rising from its head. It appears to be hunched over the body of another dead elf, and the body twitches a bit as the head descends, and you hear more of that odd ringing sound, though now its source is clear: the stone beast is chewing through the slain elf's chain mail. The belongings of the stripped elves are arranged into two piles: one for clothing, packs, and generic equipment, and a second pile of armour and weapons.

I made a few mistakes last time I ran this adventure, but nothing serious. It was mostly due to me getting knocked off my game by a family phone call in the middle of things. Among stuff that got left out were two recently deceased elven bodies in the cellar and on of the cells in that long north-south passage south of the torture chamber. None of that was serious enough to retcon.

In other news, the game has moved to Sunday nights, from 7 PM to 11 PM Central time. If you'd like to join us, drop me an email at trollsmyth-at-yahoo-dot-com.


taichara said...


I look forward to how this is going to work out *evil grin*

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trollsmyth said...

No "killy" this week. Oddysey's old-school-fu is growing strong for one so young. ;)

I'd like to get the log to you, if I may. How's the best way to do that?

Louis Porter Jr. said...

Just a thought, but you might want to pick up Fantasyscape Portfolio if you are looking to make makes. You can see it here:

taichara said...

I find myself wondering why my notifications never notified. Mrph. *glares at her mailer*

At that, email would probably be the best way to send a log along -- in-body or attachment, whichever is most convenient.

trollsmyth said...

Do I have an email address for you, taichara? I don't seem to be able to find one. You can email me at trollsmyth-at-yahoo-dot-com.