Monday, May 16, 2011

A Slow Boat From Finland

So I had my copies of Vornheim and the LotFP RPG: Grindhouse Edition sent 2nd class. Oops. They just arrived today. (The t-shirts I got as presents for folks arrived first.)

I haven't had the time to read 'em yet, but yeah, Vornheim is crazy with every available surface turned into a gaming aid. It's wild and looks like fun.

The Grindhouse edition of LotFP is a huge leap in quality over the original version. The books are thicker and more solidly bound, there's more art and the layout is a lot better. You could tell that Raggi had a larger budget to work with, and a much better idea of how to get what he wanted in the books. The rules look the same, but these books will be a lot easier to use at the table, and nobody is going throw their back out lugging these around. If for nothing else, I applaud Zack and Raggi for their attempts to slay the giant, cumbersome, unwieldy coffee-table gaming book. ;p


Aaron E. Steele said...

Glad to hear your copies finally arrived.

Anonymous said...

I got Vornheim in today myself! I ordered from IPR on the 11th of this month. Fast plane from Vegas baby!

trollsmyth said...

Yeah, was my oops. Poor Raggi had to put up with me buggin' him about it on Facebook. ;)