Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scenery on the Cheap

Yep, trolls are thrifty bastards (that is to say, cheap). And I'm not much into miniatures anyway. But if you're, say, rooting through the underhive, searching for heretics to purge, and you do enjoy using miniatures, you might wanna check out this guy's paper scenery and such, more than suitable for use with your favorite 28 mm miniature plastic-man-dudes.

Of especial note, you might be interested in his IKUBE liveable habitat modules, control panels and warning labels, and rather familiar-looking cargo ship.

It's all free, but I suspect he wouldn't mind a tip or two on his paypal account if you find his stuff useful.


Topo Solitario said...

Thanks for Trolling my site Mr TROLL!



trollsmyth said...

De nada, senior. It's a great little site. :)