Sunday, March 15, 2009

Traffic Notes

Just an interesting observation:

I saw a 30% spike in traffic on Friday the 13th. Besides being my lucky day ("If it wern't for bad luck I'd have not luck at all...") I really saw nothing to drive that spike. Most of the traffic came from Jeff's Gameblog and Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I can only assume the title of the blog, "Why I Wimped Out", was the draw. I've never noticed a spike like that based on a title before.

I think I can rule out weather, since the rest of the week shows pretty typical traffic for me. Spring Break starts at different times in different places, so I think I can rule that out as a significant influence as well. (If anything, I'd expect the break to lower my numbers, not raise them.) If you've got some thoughts on the subject, please let me know. I'm very curious about what exactly happened and why.


PTR said...

Your assumption was correct in my case. I noticed an intriguing title and followed the link. Great blog!

Simon said...

Yup. "Why I wimped out" got you (and Jeff)'s blogs added to my bookmarks list. Decided to delete the LoTFP bookmark to make room, and because the mean-spirited undertone means it's never as enjoyable a read as it ought to be.

trollsmyth said...

Thanks for the feedback and kind words. I guess newspapers focusing on attention-grabbing headlines for centuries really knew what they were doing.

David Larkins said...

Just out of curiosity, how do you track traffic on Blogger? Is there a tool I'm not seeing, or do you use Google Analytics, or what?

trollsmyth said...

sirlarkins: Interesting question. There is no built-in tool for tracking traffic on Blogger that I'm aware of. Professionally, I prefer Google Analytics, primarily because Google is the 900 lbs gorilla in the search engine market and gives you all sorts of fun data to play with. And I do have the Analytics code on this blog.

Before I started tracking such things professionally, however, I found StatCounter. I can't remember where I came across it, probably via tucows. I've had StatCounter running on Trollsmyth since shortly after the blog went live.

Here's where things get interesting: StatCounter reports nearly twice the number of page views as Google Analytics. Why? Not sure. I've had a pro go over the code, and everything looks good. She thinks Google may be not counting hits from spiders and the like, but we really don't know. So, for now, I use StatCounter for my daily numbers and ego-stroking purposes, and Google Analytics to track long-term trends.