Friday, March 27, 2009

And They're Coming Into the Home Stretch...

Mr. Umlaut, editor of Fight On! published this update about the contest:

With 4 Days, Still Holding at #3
Going into the final weekend we are still in one of the top spots. Amazing! A bunch of you have come through already, but I'll come out once again in hopes of luring more of you to buy! Remember, only purchases of print issues help with the contest!

However it comes out it's been a fun ride.

Winning would be a huge feather in the Old School's cap. If you haven't purchased any copies yet, now's a great time to do it. Fight On! is the real deal. It's not some anemic little 4.25" by 5.5" thing, but a full-sized magazine. Issue #2, which I have at my desk right now, weighs in at a hefty 88 pages.

Issue #1 came out shortly after Gary Gygax passed away, and is of course dedicated to him. It includes Mr. Maliszewski's "The Ruined Monastery", the first appearance of the monks of Saint Gaxyg the Gray, who now feature prominently in his megadungeon project.

Issue #2 is dedicated to Dave Arneson. Inside, you'll find an interview with Mr. Arneson as well as two articles from players lucky enough to have gamed with him. Edsan added an Empire of the Petal Throne adventure, and you'll find my "Shields Shall be Splintered" houserule, including a pair of magic shields not included on this website. Also included is the first level of "The Darkness Beneath" megadungeon project.

Bob Bledsaw and Judges Guild is the topic for issue #3, and is full of Invincible Overlord goodness. And that one weighs in at 145 pages.

Issue #4 is the latest, and I haven't received my copy just yet. Here's what Mr. Umlaut has to say about it:

Dedicated to Dave Hargrave and his legendary Arduin campaign, this issue features no fewer than 8 adventures, plus spells, magic items, new classes, races, and rules to take your FRP passion to the next level! Our contributors include Steve Zieser, Kevin Mayle, Steve Marsh, James Maliszewski, Monty & Josephine St. John, Gabor Lux, Jeff Rients, Geoffrey O. Dale, Baz Blatt, David Bowman, Calithena, Kesher, Douglas Cox, James Raggi, Matthew Riedel, Geoffrey McKinney, Alex Schroeder, Lee Barber, Vincent Baker, Patrick Farley, Kelvin Green, Fu Fu Frauenwahl, and many more!

Swords & Wizardry is in 7th place in this contest, so if you were planning on getting a hard copy of that game, now is an excellent time to do so. But don't wait! The contest ends on March 31st, so you only have until Tuesday to place your order and have it count.

UPDATE: Jeff Rients reports that the first four issues of Fight On! have been gathered together in hardbound collection available only until the end of the month.

UPDATE II: And now there's a collection of black-and-white art called Art of the Old School. As I understand it, this is a joint Fight On!/Knock Spell production, which means you can pick which outfit you want to order it from.


Natalie said...

Purchasificated! All four issues of Fight On! and a softcover edition of Swords & Wizardry, because I'm just that awesome. I've been meaning to for a while, but this gave me the excuse I needed to finally work myself up to it.

Anonymous said...

Ordered myself an Art of the Old School, a Knockspell, and a Fight On! to support both groups. Wish it could have been more, but then I also wish I had more money...