Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weis Approves of Dragonlance Movie Script, quickly becoming the best alternative source for news on the Dragonlance movies, has posted a few comments from Margaret Weis. Her words almost seem to be in response to some fan consternation about Dragonlance being turned into “a cartoon”. Weis, however, remains unpeturbed:

Author Margaret Weis told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming film version of her book Dragons of Autumn Twilight necessarily cuts a lot of the book's plot to make it fit into 90 minutes, but, she added: "I read the script, and I like it. It's very faithful to the book."

This generally fits the vague statements coming from Hickman in his podcasts. Still no examples of character design or artwork. If any of you see something before we do, be sure to let us trolls know.

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ElfFeather said...

on this website, you will see:

Early concept artwork for Tanis Half-Elven.
(13-Aug-2006) Baaz Draconian

Early concept artwork for Baaz Draconian.
(13-Aug-2006) Sturm in Armour

Early concept artwork for Sturm Brightblade.